Sometimes people are shy about their work and don’t post about it on their own discussion board.

So without further ado, @jason’s Beach!

Light on details at the moment, but one of the most recent projects it reminds me of is Nicky Case’s Simulating the World in Emoji.

There’s also a podcast episode where Jason is interviewed at length about it:…



I have been a bit reluctant to post toooooo much about it because I don’t have too much coherently put together yet, but I’m happy to answer any questions!

The gist of Beach is it’s a creative power tool for kids to author + play with different kinds of media, like art, music, games, simulations. So, there are drawing tools and there are also some “programming” tools too (though I am reluctant to call this a programming app lest people think it’s supposed to be a “learn to code” app, which it is definitively not).

I’m pretty firmly in the camp “computing is not about numbers or algorithms, but instead is about representations and expressions of powerful ideas” but I feel like most computing environments really end up being either recreations of other media (like paper / video) or at best become product platforms — in either case, they fail as media for thinking in powerful ideas (eg systems). I started Beach as an environment for those kinds of ideas, so you can make, use, and think about big ideas not easily expressible on paper (for example, you can learn about decentralization by making an ant hill simulation, or you can learn about physics by making physics simulations, etc).

Anyway, that’s some of the motivation behind it. I’m still struggling to put all the pieces together as I’m a pretty inexperienced designer! Again, I’d be happy to answer any questions you’ve got about it!

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