Introductions! (and re-introductions)


Hi there, I’m Jason Brennan! I’m the first one here, so I thought I’d introduce myself while there’s nobody around.

You probably already know me in one way or another (I probably invited you), but here are some things to get to know me better:

Anyway, that’s a bit about me. I’ll be around if you have any questions. And please feel free to introduce yourself too! Please also say hi to newcomers, it’s so much nicer to get a warm welcome than chirping crickets.


Hey all, I’m Martijn Brekelmans, 21 years old and I’m from the tiny orange country.

I have a website

I have my own tiny business where I sell a tool for Twitch streamers, it’s how I stay alive.

I am very interested in creative tools, and spend a lot of time building weird interactive toys, games and generative art, and other random stuff.

  • s.codepen .io/Azeirah/debug/LboQzz/XxrVwDLLDZgA
  • Generative art:
    • martijnbrekelmans .com/generative-art/smoke/smoke.html
    • codepen .io/Azeirah/pen/ogNrNL
    • s.codepen .io/Azeirah/debug/ogNrNL/NQAzYnGGnYWr
  • Games: martijnbrekelmans .com/split/colorsplit.php
  • Music technology: martijnbrekelmans .com/viva-la-musica/

(had to remove the dots in the links because of link limits)

I want to devote the rest of my life to music and music technology. Why? Because I love music more than I love my own mother, and I like technology. Pretty simple :slight_smile:

When I’m done with my computer engineering study, I’m thinking of continuing my studies by starting a master’s degree of computer science+visual computing at ETH Zurich. Although I still have my doubts on if I’ll be able to keep my concentration for 1.5 years straight.

I’ve been observing the cdg/harc community for quite a while now, and am happy to finally join a concrete community :o


Hi, I’m Aaron Abentheuer and I’m super glad I stumbled upon what looks like the beginning of a super interesting community. :slight_smile:

  • I grew up in Austria, then moved to Germany to study interaction design in a small town called Schwäbisch Gmünd, where I just finished my BA thesis in which I experimented with new ways to make discussion online better.
  • I’m really interested in tools that integrate creativity into everyday interactions, which was what I mostly focussed on in my studies.
  • I’ve been working at IDEO in Munich and the Bay Area and I‘m currently hoping to get an H1B to get back to IDEO in Palo Alto in fall — at IDEO I’ve been working on experimental products and services in connected products and mobility.
  • Right now I’m working on several little experiments that I hope to share on here soonish and I try to finally get a portfolio online at
  • The best way to keep in touch with me is through Twitter.

Really excited to be here. Looking forward to learning a lot. :slight_smile:


Hello Martijn and Aaron! Pleased to have you both here :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m Alex Thompson. I enjoy thinking about new programming environments and tools. I also follow the work of CDG/HARC so its nice to find similar minded people like this.

Recently I’ve been thinking about how to make it easier to deploy and fork javascript apps. My prototype is at (click on the link to the IDE to test and publish code). I think it could be a good fit for sharing and collaborating on experimental apps. Any thoughts appreciated!



I’m daiyi (if you see me in real life, you can call me chris). I am on the internet: and I also have a blog but mostly I update my tumblr because it doesn’t get me into situations where I’m trying to deploy my statically generated site while running down an airplane terminal! (OH ALSO TWITTER)

I most recently lived in Brooklyn, Berlin, and San Francisco (most to least recent), and just yesterday (or two days ago? what is time?) am off on a hitchhiking trip through the Balkan countries. (…short interlude in London first). (It’s complicated).

I really like mountains! I climb a lot. I’m a social vagrant who welcomes people on my couch if I have one (I don’t have one at the moment). Sometimes I teach kids to code. Other sometimes, I teach adults to code. I work in cs industry to fund my early retirement but there’s some cool people there too, so it’s ok \o/


ALSO @Martillion your art is super cool! aaah


Hello Alex and hello again daiyi!!



Hey internet peeps, I’m Pirijan.

I don’t really have a job title but I design and write the interfaces for – a collaborative web IDE and hosting platform. I also made - a drawing tool for awkward feelings and newsletter thing. So you could say I love building creative tools.

Besides that I have a comedy/design podcast called GoodGoods and I write stuff at (arg link limits [admin: i gotchu])

Here’s some life stuff:

  • Born in Germany, grew up in Canada, and now live in Brooklyn (let’s hang out!)
  • I workout at a boxing gym. Sometimes I even spar (but I’m not super good yet)
  • I just started getting into surfing too :surfing_man:t4:


Hey guys, my name’s Srini. I’m currently based in Austin but spent a few years out in SF Bay Area (before having the desire to save more!).

I lead the content team at Dataquest, where we teach data science & data engineering online. We’ve created a vertically integrated learning experience where we create the instructional material, the learning environment, and build out the community / services. This lets us understand the barriers people encounter when learning on our platform and then think deeply about what we can do about it (new interface? better explanations? etc).

My background is in data science but I’m very interested in how we can build a culture where we discuss and think in systems (instead of stories). I ultimately don’t think teaching people programming / data science gets us there, but it’s been a good way for me to understand the limitations of learning environments and programming languages. I find direct manipulation environments and spatial, tactile computing environments incredibly intriguing and ache to learn more and try to prototype, contribute, etc.

I follow and draw inspiration from a wide range of interesting projects & research efforts, ranging from direct manipulation programming environments (like Sketch n Sketch), exploratory creation environments (like eToys and Beach), explorable explanations (tons here and I get to do some at work too), new representations for math, etc.