Introductions! :)


Hi there, I’m Jason Brennan! I’m the first one here, so I thought I’d introduce myself while there’s nobody around.

You probably already know me in one way or another (I probably invited you), but here are some things to get to know me better:

Anyway, that’s a bit about me. I’ll be around if you have any questions. And please feel free to introduce yourself too! (it can be its own thread if you want)


Hi! I’m Guillaume and Jason invited me here, and I felt bad seeing that only he had posted so I figured I’d post too.

  • I’m French born and raised, but I’ve been living in the US for a long time now (close to 10 years combined, in a 2 year stay when I was in grade school, and then in a 7+ year stay starting with grad school). I hope to move to Tokyo when I’m sick of the SF Bay Area, likely a few years from now.

  • A long time ago I fancied myself to be a hardcore engineer/mathematician/scientist, but over time I’ve softened up and now humans, technology, creativity, learning, and how it all comes together are the kind of things that get me excited. I’ve also realized that trying to find labels for everything is a futile act.

  • In the past, I’ve worked in an academic research lab, been the first employee/engineer in a company making educational apps on the iPad, cofounded a startup, and worked in tons of summer camps with kids/teenagers of all ages and backgrounds (foster kids, programs for gifted kids, mentally handicapped kids, you name it).

  • But these days my job is to do whatever needs to be done to invent (a very small subset of) the future somewhere in Cupertino, California.

  • I have a very basic website, and I post a lot of nonsense on twitter.

Thanks Jason for creating this and inviting me!


Nice to meet you (again :slight_smile:)!


Hi, I’m Pat! I’m currently working for Viewpoints Research Institute, and in the past I worked for Google and BumpTop. I’m also from Canada originally, and now live in Munich.

When I graduated from high school, I hoped to become a graphic designer – but a semester into my program, I decided that it wasn’t the right thing for me. I eventually went on to study CS, and near the end of my program, I discovered HCI and realized it was a nice way to unite my interests in programming and design. After working for a few years, I went back to school to do my master’s in HCI, which led me to BumpTop and eventually Google.

I’m excited that Jason set this site up, because I was thinking of doing something similar. I learn about lots of new and interesting things on Twitter, but it’s really terrible for having any kind of discussion. Looking forward to some better discussions here!


Hi friends, I’m excited to be here with you all! (:

I’m daiyi (if you know me from real life you probably call me Chris).

I’m a CS dropout working on front-end at the moment, learning and growing every day in every direction – seeking more intuition and practice on design, teaching myself to hack on backend as well. I read a lot of misc papers and books to patch my weird patchy education and always appreciate recommendations. Before industry I was teaching, and I love teaching and thinking about how to empower kids to be creative. My future dreamjob is to be spreading free and open resources and knowledge and love through the internet <3 <3

I draw a lot. I spend a lot of time outside and thinking about being outside. Some of my non-art non-engineering interests include climbing, ultralight backpacking, open-water swimming, cycling, and I’m currently getting dangerous on a motorcycle. I’m going to live in New York and Germany and Switzerland in the next three years!

I’m on twitter and tumblr and real life (San Francisco). I physically grew up in San Diego and I raised myself on the internet and have a very low barrier towards random interactions, come say hi! \o/


Awesome! Welcome Pat and Daiyi! So glad to have you both here :slight_smile:


I’m Soroush. I have imposter syndrome about being here. I mostly write iPhone apps for industry, but I sometimes wax poetic (and more often, practical) on my blog at One particularly TBD-esque post I wrote was the Braid of Thought. Another project I made was a dynamic unit-aware recipe scaler:

I basically never post on twitter, and I live in New York. Happy to be here!


Hi all! I’m Max. At the moment I’m finishing up my third year of undergrad as a major in Interactive Media & Games at USC (the one in Los Angeles). I’m fascinated by the intersections between creativity, learning, and play, and I spend a lot of time thinking about and tinkering with new kinds of creative tools.

As a game design student, I also occasionally make games! Most notably, I was/am the user research lead for Chambara, a competitive multiplayer game about perspective and disappearance made by a largish team of (mostly) USC students. Sometimes I also make smaller games, which tend to double as creative tools because I can’t resist making things into creative tools.

I’m on Twitter near-constantly. I also blog from time to time. If you’ve ever run into anything I made before, it’s probably this one post about locked doors and headaches that attracted a fair amount of attention around the end of last year.

I’m super excited to be here, because I’ve been wishing a community like this existed for at least a few years now. Thanks Jason for setting it up!


Welcome Max! Glad to have you here! I’m pretty sure your locked doors post was the first I read, but I also really enjoyed your post about creative tools for non-creators which was really rad, too.


And happy belated welcome to @soroushkhanlou too!

The “imposter syndrome” thing is a great point, and I’d imagine everyone here feels a bit of that for one reason or another. I’m hoping to make this a place for people with lots of different backgrounds and skill levels.