Welcome to discuss.tbd!


Welcome to discuss.tbd! This is a community to discuss human interface, creative tools, education, programming environments, design and prototypes! (among other things)

You’ll love it here if you:

  • Like designing / building / researching creative tools (primarily computer based, but really all kinds)
  • Like reading books / papers and want to discuss them with likeminded souls (or just want recommendations)
  • Want to bounce ideas off people and get feedback (demos and prototypes especially welcome)
  • Value social aspects of technology, and deep down in your heart you just know we could be doing things better, and ahh! that’s so frustrating
  • Care about “Column B” things (all credit to Patrick Dubroy for this one)

If you’re new here, please poke around and also introduce yourself! We’d love to hear what you’re all about (note: this doesn’t have to be work related; you’re more than your job)! And if you’re not new here, please say hi to the new folks (it stinks saying hi and hearing crickets back).

Please also check out the Code of Conduct and the Guidelines

Anyway, thanks for reading, and welcome!