What are you reading? (April 2017)


Hello readers! This is a thread is about what rad books / blog posts / papers you’re reading (or recently read) and what they’re all about!

I just finished reading Chaim Gingold’s PhD dissertation on Play Design, which he talks about on his website and is published here. From his website:

My thesis argues that it is productive to consider playthings, playmates, playgrounds, and play practices as constituting a set with shared design characteristics. SimCity, a software plaything that confounds game-centric approaches (e.g. game studies and game design), is the keystone in an arch of case studies that takes us from some of the earliest examples of computer simulation all the way to model cities enacted with children, cardboard, and costumes, and unusual playgrounds made of junk.

It was an eye-opening read about play, something which seemed intuitive to me, but that I’d never really thought deeply about (for example, not all play is positive, e.g., when you’re the target of a prank). Chaim also introduces a novel way for exploring / diagramming software in his case study of Sim City, and I’d love to see more breakdowns like this for other bits of software study.


Oh! oh! I have a thing for this :smiley:

EDIT: woaaah this forum understand open-graph cards. neat-o \o/


I’m not going to lie @daiyi, at first I read one of those books as “Scott Pilgrim” (which, for anyone who doesn’t know, is a fantastic graphic novel series + amazing movie). But I see you read a different graphic novel this month so, yay! more graphic novels!!


YES Scott Pilgrim is excellent!

And I’d like to make graphic novels a bigger part of my life again (it’s painful when you’re mostly confusing via screens though ): sad nomad life). got any suggestions?


whoa @daiyi didn’t realize you were on this forum

You’ll enjoy “Meanwhile” by Jason Shiga.

However the very nature of it means you have to be flipping around all the time, making it terrible for digital reading. I have a physical copy I’d be happy to lend you next time you’re in SF.


Currently reading Every Song Ever. It’s a collection of essays, each about a different musical attribute to listen for in songs (repetition, speed, slowness, etc). Makes for a neat experience to pull up Apple Music and find whatever song the current paragraph is talking about. Picked it up because it sounded like it’d help me make my side-project app better (the cover makes it sound like it’s about discovering new music with streaming music services, and I’m building something to replace the Rdio-shaped hole in my music heart.)


Can’t wait to see it! Feel free to share some designs / prototypes here if you ever want to discuss it publicly!